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The most common understanding of a car guy is someone who is a car enthusiast. But this is a generic and reductionist understanding of a term that has multiple layers in it.

Let us understand what it truly means to be a car guy. He/She has a very comprehensive understanding of cars- which usually includes all the major aspects of the vehicle. For starters, the looks of the car. He/She is thorough with the vehicle’s bodywork and the processes associated with it (such as washing, waxing, detailing, etc). There is a tendency to appreciate a well-maintained car with neat-looking Body Work.

The car people or enthusiast have an in-depth understanding of the engine and mechanical parts of the vehicle. They like to work on their car and look for viable and legal modifications to enhance their exteriors, performance, aesthetics, and comfort. The vehicle becomes an extension of their personality, vision, and self. They understand what protective gear to go for, what accessories to choose, when to change the oil or rotate the tires, etc. It becomes more than just about driving a car. It is about feeling the car, it is about connecting with the car. They are usually very passionate about how one maintains, handles, and modifies the vehicle. Car modification and accessorizing are seen and accepted as a means of communication with the car itself. Each car lover has a unique set of needs and expectations, but what they all share in common; is the desire to get the job done tastefully. For all car enthusiasts, the love for cars runs common. This is precisely what brings them together. Groups of car-enthusiasts, like the ‘Car Guys’- come together to form a positivist community that shares information and knowledge pertaining to modification, accessories, and what is best for their cars. The idea is to turn a passion and love for something into discourse by using the collective knowledge and experience with cars to help each other.

At Superfluous Mart, we understand this sentiment; for we are part and parcel of this growing community in our country. Hence, we work intending to address these needs and aspirations of the community of car enthusiasts in the country which an average shop fails to cater to. We know how challenging it is to spend hours in the markets looking for genuine accessories for your car, and thus, we have created a platform to address all your needs. We are one one-stop-shop for all your car accessorising needs. We have expertise in modification, accessorising, and navigating around the legal aspects of it. We conduct tests to justify what sort of accessorising shall suit your car for better performance.

Get started with a car-group sign-up, and we will address all your concerns and unique needs with our wide range of products available at unbelievable prices. Hurry Up! Check out our exclusive deals and discounts today.

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