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Portable Tyre Inflator Vayu – Crafted for unstoppable Journeys!

  • Portable Air Filling Gadget: Get yourself hands-on air filling expertise at a fraction of cost and just fraction of time with VAYU Portable Tyre Inflator. The VAYU is one of a kind product in its limited range and is definitely an add on in smart accessories kit! You can literally inflate anything from tyres to balls to deflated objects.
  • A Meaningful Tool For Female Drivers: Not to genderize but, this tool will relieve you from the hassle of going around gas stations. If you are on the road, traveling most of the time this tool is going to be the perfect toolbuddy.
  • Thanks to a battery of 4000 mAh and with a power-output of 50 W, Portronics VAYU is able to perform its intended functions swiftly and efficiently. It comes with a Type-C USB charging cable for the device and charges with an amazing lightning speed so that you are never late due to a deflated tyre!
  • Multiple Nozzles For Multi-Tasking: Portronics VAYU comes with many nozzles of different sizes, shapes and functions and is a Presta Valve adapter enabled model. Combined with the excellent battery power and output, it can inflate the tires of most vehicles (bicycles, bikes and cars) and sporting equipment (footballs or basketballs) in a matter of moments.
  • Digital Display With LED Interface: The VAYU comes with a digital display that shows the parameters of the device as well as the object on which it is used upon. It even has a function where it can change the pressure unit from PSI to any other preferred unit (bar, kPA, kg/cm2).
  • Elegant and Robust Design With Matte Finish: The VAYU Portable Tyre Inflator comes with an aesthetic, lightweight and strong design with a black matte finish. VAYU is very aesthetically pleasing and yes it does make air filling a very FULFILLING experience nonetheless!
  • On a single charge, VAYU can allow refilling upto 150 PSI, besides the variability differs from vehicle type to inflation object type. This feature enables you to multitask while in a hurry! The 150 PSI limit is a standalone feature, as it is hard to come across this range.
  • Fills Up Under Just 9 Minutes (14 Minutes Usually For Others): A single tyre can be filled up in just under 9 minutes which is faster than the usual 14 minutes taken to fill up a tyre. The fast filling is not only very efficient but also ensures that other objects can be inflated in a single charge!
  • Auto-Detects and Sets Pressure: You don’t have to worry about setting the pressure of the tires or the objects that are to be inflated. VAYU auto-detects the pressure and stops as it reaches the limit. It can be set manually too in case the object that has to be inflated requires
  • Warranty – 12 Months
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