Vedashree – Premium Car Fragrance


  • We ensure your car will smell so good that everyone will praise your car. An Alcohol-free formation.
  • Can be used in cars, homes, Almirah, and offices
  • Directions for use: Take out the fragrances bar from the inner plastic pouch and keep it in the just pouch. Now the product is ready to use.
  • Hang this car perfume on the rearview mirror above the air conditioner of your car or pleased in an appropriate place.
  • The rate of evaporation depends on the ambient temperature. Under normal conditions, the fragrance will last for about 90 days.

Vedashree Premium Car Fragrance

Vedashree jute bag hanging freshener is a designer automobile scent that is as useful as it is considerate, has an attractive fragrance, is long-lasting, and is simple to install. Gel air freshener with stimulating smells aids in the removal of musty mildew and other unpleasant odours. 

Its innovative technology removes stink and replaces it with a pleasant aroma that appeals to both men and women. Aromatic mix with a distinctive aroma and essential oil combination. Simply install and smell the natural fragrance, which lasts for up to 5-8 weeks. 

Refresh your passion with the purity of clean air. Beautifully made to put on your car dashboard or any place you want the aroma to disperse evenly. It can also be placed in a car cup holder. The precisely crafted and tailored aroma guarantees that the smell remains consistent for a longer period of time.

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Weight 150 g

Aqua, Blue ice, Dark, Flame, Fresh, Passion, Pinkice, Red, Roots, Slush, Tweet

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